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Type the domain name you would like into the search box above to see if it is available. There is no need to enter the suffix such as "" as all available combinations will be shown.

You are known by your domain name so a good domain name is crucial and with domains being registered constantly you need to be quick once you find one that is suitable. Don't forget to also look for both singular and plurals of the domain name or your competition might use it as a spoiling tactic.

Above all be quick, if you find a good domain name now the chances are it will not be there tomorrow.

In order to maximise your chances of being found on the internet we recommend that your domain name reflects your business. The closer it is to what the potential customer will type into the search engine the better.

Below are examples of relevant domain names successfully generating business for their owners:-              Supplier of replacement remote controls                                  Suppler of USB and Firewire products              Designer and installer of children's soft play environments

With so many domain names now in use finding the right one for you can be tricky and may involve a bit of "trial and error".

You may have to get a bit inventive by trying combinations such as (in the case of a welding business in Yeovil):-


If you plan to put the domain name on business cards etc try to avoid anything too long and complicated as a simple mistake typing it in would mean people will not find your site or worse still they'll find your competition.
If you don't believe us you can try the two domain names for our web site and see which one you prefer to type in or . (miss out the dashes for example and you get a different company)

"QED" stands for "Quod Erat Demonstrandum" but we like to think of it that at QEDhosting your domain and hosting requirements are "Quite Easily Done"