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Why QEDhosting? Ltd have been providing domain name registration, hosting, web design and web promotion services since 1999. As a result we have built up an extensive list of web sites within our portfolio. We have specialised in providing a personal service to the business community and have grown the business purely by word-of-mouth.

We have noticed however that there is now a trend in the Internet Hosting marketplace for hosting companies to make big claims of offering "gigabytes of storage and terabytes of data transfer" along with a very healthy charge and call it good value for money.

These packages may be good value for money for what you get, but they are not good value for money for what you need, so you are paying too much.

We believe that you, the customer, should receive good value for money so have used our bulk buying power to bring you hosting packages more tailored to what you need with prices to match.

By setting up QEDhosting we not only give you a choice of packages that are value for money but what you pay is value for money as well.

A good example of this is our £1 a month hosting package. For very little cost you get 500mb of disk space and 500mb of data transfer allowance per month. Most people would struggle to use all this but even if you did you can always upgrade later if necessary.

Our Packages also include an impressive list of Features, Details of which can be found on our Features Page

Why only Linux?

This is a common question and the answer is quite simple. Linux just works.

Most people don't care about how things work, as long as they do. Some people have not even heard of Linux and there is no reason why it shouldn't pretty much stay that way.

We offer only Linux based web hosting so that you can be certain of trouble-free web hosting. Ever had a problem with your Windows based computer?

Linux is the industry standard hosting platform for internet applications and although Microsoft is trying to change that and have greatly improved Windows based hosting there is still no reason to have Windows based hosting unless you particularly need functionality such as ASP.

Using an FTP package such as FileZilla (available for free) you upload your web pages to your hosting account in a very similar way to using Windows File Manager. You wouldn't need to know if it was Windows or Linux based hosting.

Please Note: QEDHosting was set up by Ltd in 2010 and has no connection with any previous use of the QEDHosting domain name.